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Data to results

Here's how to import your data to Aito and start querying. The steps below cover the journey for one-off data import to Aito. To enable continuous data updates to Aito, you will need to build an automated data importing integration to Aito.

1Export data from existing systems

Export data from your master data sources. The exported format depends on the source system. For example Google Analytics can export data as a CSV file.

One-off export is a good way to get to know what results Aito can provide out of your data set. You can also do this step with a partial data export, before importing the full data set to Aito.

2Define the table structures

Aito provides tables to organize your data, just like an SQL database. These tables need to be created before importing data. The table model allows Aito to provide better results because the fields and their types are known.

3Convert data to Aito format

Transform your source system data into JSON which can be imported to Aito via the data import API. This is usually done by programming a script to do the transformation, but it can also be automated with tools.

This step is commonly used to sanitize and clean up your data if the source system provides incomplete or unstructured data.

4Import data to Aito tables

Import your converted JSON data into Aito using our import APIs.

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