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What is Aito?

Aito is a database, that provides AI functionalities, like predicting, matching, recommending, smart search and analytics through a query interface.

As an addition, it provides traditional query capabilities found in databases, and full-text search capabilities found in search engines like Lucene or ElasticSearch.

What database is Aito using under the hood?

The Aito database is custom-built. The database indexes are optimized for fast statistical operations needed for the queries and speed Aito can provide. Special linked indexes also allow fast statistical reasoning and queries through links.

How mature is the API?

We are currently in beta release phase. This means, that we try to not change the API, and we aim to keep the core API structure and elements frozen. Still there are individual expressions and semantics, which may change.

Where are the servers and data physcically located?

Our servers and data are physically located in the EU region.

How does it work under the hood?

Aito is able to provide AI functionalities through a query interface, because of extremely tight AI - database integration.

Aito calculates statistics using the database indexes, which enable extreme speed optimizations in gathering the needed statistics. This enables Aito to create machine learning models in the magnitude of milliseconds, providing real-time results to the arbitrary prediction, recommendation, and AI queries.

Is Aito.ai database ACID?

Aito is not ACID, but does fulfill the A, C, and I parts of the contract. All the changes are atomic, the database remains always in consistent state even after crashes and the changes are isolated. Still, the changes may not be durable immediately after the write, because of filesystem and network caches.

The ACID capabilities are enabled by Aito's software architecture design, which was inspired by Lucene and Git. The basic database building components are all immutable, and the database state is changed by preparing a new state, and moving the database HEAD to point to the new state. This operation is done under a write lock. This guarantees that Aito changes happen in atomic, consistent and isolated steps. The durability requirement is not fulfilled due to the major performance hit it would cause.

That said, Aito is in beta state and there are limitations and there may be bugs. For example Aito doesn't right now allow coupling several changes into a single transaction, although this is internally already possible.

So do not use Aito as your primary database. We recommend you to use a separate database or a back-up system to guarantee the durability of your data.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we only accept credit cards. You request an early access and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

How to ask support, report bugs, and provide feedback?

If you run into problems, please send a message to support@aito.ai

We take quality seriously and aim to perfect our software both for errors as well as usability issues. However, we're still in pilot phase, so we're making improvements and tweaks both to the core-functionality as well as the APIs on a continuous basis.

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