Product is a fully managed intelligent database with machine learning abilities.

Like a database but smarter

The unique combination of database and AI brings incredible benefits. Aito learns about data instantly when it's inserted, both training and scoring is done using the database indexes, making them both incredibly fast. The entire Aito database acts as a single train data set or model, making it an easy scalable solution.
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Aito API

We offer an easy API to query your data and get predictions in no time. If you have experience of SQL or ElasticSearch you'll feel right at home.
Search and filter objects from tables, similar to select in SQL.
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Predict results based on given scenarios.
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Find recommended objects in a given scenario to maximize KPIs.
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Evaluate statistical inference performance in train/test split.
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Search and filter objects from tables, similar to select in SQL.
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Find a suitable pair for a given object.Find objects whose properties are most similar to a given example object.
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Expert endpoint that allows inspection of objects' smart properties such as highlight.
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Return statistical relationships between different objects or their features.
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Want to know more techinal details? See our page for developers.

Why Aito?

No data science skills needed

We know how hard it is to recruit a good data science team. By using Aito, you only need one developer to get started in the world of AI.

Fast AI iteration

Aito allows you to skip the time consuming model training phase unlike traditional AI approaches. You just import your data to Aito and start testing different type of queries to get immediate answers.

Glassbox AI

The need for explainable results and decisions made by machines is increasing. Aito not only gives you the answers to your queries, but also shows you the reasoning behind it.


Smooth developer experience
Example code bases, detailed API documentation and support channels are available immediately. We aim to make your developer experience as smooth as possible, and will be listening to your feedback along the way.
We provide intelligent database as a service so you can focus on your core business. offers 99.9% SLA and makes sure your data is always safe.
Your data is protected
We make sure that your valuable business data is protected and always properly encrypted in transit. Your data is safely located inside the EU and in compliance with GDPR.
Smart text processing can process text fields with configurable analyzers. For example the English language analyzer can detect overly common words and reduce their importance to produce better and meaningful results.
Fast response times
Queries return in milliseconds, which makes a good fit for real-time interactions. Quick processing enables use cases like fast and smart product search, chat bot integration, and much more.
For developers

Deep dive into our API documentation.

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