AI-powered is a fully managed database with machine learning abilities. It can search existing information, predict the future, find hidden correlations, and explain the results.

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What you can do with Aito

Data to results in just 2 steps

Aito is the only machine learning tool where you, the customer, don't need to know exactly what you are going to ask up front. It allows iterative and exploratory development of intelligent applications and processes. Once deployed, Aito cloud scales according to your needs.

Import data

Stream your data to Aito's fully managed cloud via the data API. Aito learns about the data instantly and automatically creates concepts and optimisations allowing responses in milliseconds.

Get intelligence

Use Aito's Query API to get immediate predictions, recommendations and explanations. Aito's Query API allows arbitrary queries, like an intelligent version of SQL.

Aito benefits

No data science skills needed

Aito provides easy-to-use APIs that are familiar to developers. Using Aito requires no specials data science skills, and it allows the elimination of data scientists and time-consuming data preparation. By using Aito, you only need one developer to build smart applications.

Fast AI iteration

Aito radically reduces the time spent to train models. After you've imported your data to Aito, you can start testing queries almost instantly. Because of the deep database - AI integration, the model is trained immediately from the database indexes. Allowing you to experiment and iterate vastly.


Explainable AI

The need for explainable results and decisions made by machines is increasing. Getting results only is not enough, you also want to understand them. Aito gives you both the answers to your queries, and the reasoning behind it.

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