Next generation ML

Aito predictive database runs machine learning on relational datasets using queries. Like ML, but easier and faster. Like a database, but predicts unknowns. Truly mind blowing.

Predict Titanic survival

$ curl -X POST \ \
  -H "content-type: application/json" \
  -H "x-api-key: bvss2i2dIkaWUfBCdzEO89LpxUkwO3A24hYg8MBq" \
  -d '
    "from": "Titanic",
    "where": {
      "Pclass": 1,
      "Sex": "female"

What makes Aito better than AutoML?

Real-time learning

New incrementally added data is immediately used for predictions without model re-training and deployment.

Predict any variable

Powerful query language predicts any variable without making new models. Tweak on the run.

No PhD needed

We have gone to great lengths making sure you don’t need a PhD in stats to use Aito. This is for devs.

“We could have not won the global Slack app hackathon without using Aito. I was able to integrate Aito to our platform in just 30 minutes!”

Sabin Ielceanu,

Co-Founder @Intwixt

“With Aito I could start my project immediately without data wrangling. Also, the results are explainable.”

Jesús Herrera,

Lead data scientist @Futurice

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