Learn fast, challenge even faster.

With aito.ai you get:  

  • traceable results - a machine learning platform giving you comprehensible and interpretable results

  • fast iteration cycles - thanks to the instant modelling you get real-time AI answers to your queries

  • easy, affordable, scalable AI - generic AI through simple APIs with your data securely stored 


AI made easy.

Connect your data to the aito.ai intelligent database and get access to predefined AI functionalities. Giving you both the answers and the reasoning behind it, unlike the typical black box machine learning techniques.

The setup can be done by every developer.


Example of use cases

  • Process automation: match shopping basket generation, automate form filling

  • Interactive analytics: explain what drives the conversion, how to impact to my churn rate, detect what trend changes have happened, what drives your KPIs

  • Customer facing: find right customer service reply, recommend right product to customer, personalize the target marketing

  • Internal user experience: smart searches