A spin-off from Futurice, Aito is a Helsinki-based startup established as an independent company in the spring of 2018.

How it all

Machine learning and AI as fields of applied software process are quite new, even for companies as forward-looking as our parent company, Futurice. Antti Rauhala, the father of the Aito concept, was one of several people inside Futurice who were central to building AI competence within the company.

Aito, in its original format, was a scala-library or DSL (Domain Specific Language). The Aito-core library was a multi-purpose tool for solving real-world problems with ML and AI methods.


Meet the founders

At the point when the initial software started to show enough promise, the three founders coalesced, sharing the spark of an idea and vision to create a product designed to make AI accessible to everyone. Antti is a master data scientist, Vesku knows consumer products better than anyone else, while Kai is the king of end-user web services, having spent lots of time working as a software consultant. These different approaches together form one strong vision for Aito's future.

working table

Get ready for the predictive database.

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