True democratization of machine learning. The Aito manifesto.

Photo by Kevin Ku

We believe that AI belongs to every company.

Yet, every day we hear despair and frustration of AI projects going down unsuccessful – often with plenty of lost time, money and effort.

But don’t get us wrong: there are plenty of AI opportunities. But the problem is how to validate which ones to take and how to turn those into actual business impact.

Big companies have resources to fail their way to AI success. As a result, these facebooks and googles dominate the innovation and attract all the scarce talent.

Small and middle-sized companies – the backbone of our economy – lack that privilege. They don’t have 100k+ AI and ML budgets to spend on unpredictable projects. They don’t have swarms of data scientist to master open-source machine learning platforms nor business-minded engineers to harness that into actual results.

To compete against the giants, they need to be better equipped with pragmatic, nimble and affordable tools. They need a low-barrier way to experiment with real data and real users without high barriers. They need to learn and concretely see how machine learning can create a competitive advantage.

And they don’t only need it. They deserve it.

Aito is for these challengers of the status quo.

Aito is for these companies who refuse to accept the current high price tags for AI projects.

Aito is for these software developers, for these engineers, for these analysts and for these business folks. For these company builders who need to start small and quick but are hungry for a major impact.

Aito is a predictive database. In short, the predictive database shows the right AI opportunities and turns them into actual business impact. It enables validating ideas, building prototypes and launching scalable solutions in production. It gives immediate predictions, future projections, recommendations, and explanations.

Aito is fundamentally different than the current science-driven ML tools in the market. Instead of data scientists or an AutoML tool creating numerous models predicting a single thing, the predictive database is a single system that provides immediately both the known and unknown through simple queries. It uses existing relational datasets and a familiar query language to make ad-hoc predictions. All this without data wrangling, feature engineering, or the need to understand the intrinsics of ML models and their scaling. Imagine querying predictions for most probable next purchases of a user with the same simplicity than querying the purchase history.

No developer should have to think about how to deploy TensorFlow models in the cloud. They should be finding out which users will most likely churn next month.

No developer should have to learn the secrets of Partial Dependence Plots. They should be able to query which projects are at the risk of failing.

No developer should have to spend time using a multinomial classifier with a cross-entropy loss function. They should be understanding which product features contribute to demand the most.

Aito’s predictive database shifts your focus to business impact and is the fastest route to becoming a data-driven organisation – an AI-powered organisation – from ideas to prototypes to production.

It democratizes AI because AI belongs to every company. Because all companies deserve it.

Vesku CEO & Co-Founder at Aito

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