Welcome to Aito

A step by step guide to taking Aito into use

1Set up your tools

You should have received your API keys and URL to your environment via the welcoming email. Please store the keys safely as you need them to set up and use your Aito environment.

You can start testing out Aito either by using a curl command or by using Aito’s interactive Swagger UI.

Command line:

You can try out the environment by accessing https://aito-grocery-store.aito.app/version with the following command

curl -X GET \
  -H 'x-api-key: READ-ONLY-API-KEY' \
  -H 'content-yype: application/json' \

The query tests the connection to the environment and responds with details about the version of the environment.

  "name": "aitoai-core-v2",
  "version": "382",
  "gitRevision": "010b5125fbb5c9cd85542d14ccab320beefc73d5",
  "builtAt":" 2018-09-12T10:25:50.352Z"

Swagger UI:

You can access Aito’s Swagger UI documentation via this link: https://aito-grocery-store.aito.app/api-docs/v3/

Via the “Authorize” button on the right, you can add your either one of your personal keys. To test the connection, we recommend you to use your read-only key. If you want to upload data, you’ll need to use your write key.

You can use the Swagger UI to test out that your keys are working and that you can access Aito’s environment.

2Start testing

Start testing Aito via the following steps:

  1. Define the database schema using the schema API: https://aito.ai/docs/api/#put-api-v1-schema
  2. Add the data using the data API: https://aito.ai/docs/api/#post-api-v1-data-table
  3. Make queries by using one of Aito’s query APIs e.g. predict: https://aito.ai/docs/api/#post-api-v1-predict

We have also created a thorough Hello world tutorial which describes the steps in more detail.

3Read more about Aito

There's also a lot of online material available:

4Contact us for support and feedback

The fastest way to contact us is via support@aito.ai. We welcome any kind of suggestions and feedback on your user experience! We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


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