Junction 2020

Junction 2020 is done and dusted, see you next year!

About junction

Junction is a global tech community, organizing hackathons and tech events around the year and around the world. This year, happening simultaneously both virtually and physically, Junction 2020 Connected has the best of both worlds: the spirit of a traditional Junction hackathon with the fresh possibilities that online hackathons have to offer. For more information, visit Junction 2020 Connected official website.

The challenge

You wake up after a long night of coding when your teammate is calling you asking where to meet for lunch in half an hour. Your mind is awkwardly silent as you try to think about a fast lunch place with a reasonable carbon footprint and suitable for your new diet.

We want you to build a solution that optimizes the lunch place with a group of more than 4 people using machine learning to rescue you from that awkward moment. You can define which angles of decision-making points you want to hack and you can basically come up with an endless set of criteria to take into account (how long do we have to wait for food, etc.).

Well, in fact, go even further if you have ideas and do an optimizer for the whole Saturday evening with events, sights, gigs, restaurants etc. On the moments of COVID, it is both important to stay safe and still keep on supporting your local businesses.

What we expect

The solutions are judged based on how Aito API has been used in real-world problems to make an impact on the Hacker team and to the world. At Aito we’d like to have this app available for use, so something working, even if it’s rough around the edges, is preferred to ideas and design concepts. Open source is a plus.

What you will get

Upon winning the challenge, you might be hungry after thinking so much about restaurants, so we will offer you a gift card for Wolt, 1st prize 1000€, and 2nd prize 500€.

If Wolt is not operating in your country, a similar prize for the food delivery company operating in your country.

We provide a Sandbox instance for free, forever if you're using it. It should be suitable for the challenge. If you want to venture further you can also get a Development- or Production-instance for free for the first month. Just use the code AITOJUNCTION2020 when creating the instance. The offer is available to everyone participating in Junction 2020 Connected, not just teams doing our challenge.

How to proceed

Registering for the event

Register to join the event in Junction.

How to get access

What about data

Check out the template

Help is near

Start hacking

New integration! Aito Instant Predictions app is now available from Airtable Marketplace.


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COVID-19 has driven us all to work remote, please connect with us online. Stay safe & play with data!

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