Automation is empowering no-code cloud apps like Airtable, taking software development to its logical next phase.

The world is going nuts for no-code. Yet, as TechCrunch recently pointed out: “This is no new phenomenon.” It can best be described as the logical next step in the evolution of software development. This particular stage is exciting for the primary reason of being simpler to understand, thereby creating access for non-techie people. We see great UIs rather than lines of code. So, even though the code is there making things run, we don't necessarily have to tinker with the back-end to make the magic happen.

It’s the core premise of what we do here at Aito: enable you to use our automation know-how to improve how you run your business. And things are improving all the time. Last month, I overshared my affection for Airtable, and I’m in good company. Hundreds of thousands of people use Airtable every day to perform just as many tasks.

In fact, cloud computing went mainstream for many organisations because of the global pandemic. The requirement for remote applications that were easy to use, and that made collaboration really simple, was magnified around the world. We saw apps that had been around a while transform from humble user base to global Goliath. A Gartner survey reveals that nearly 80% of workers are using collaboration tools for work in 2021, and increase of 44% since the pandemic began.

This is astonishing, and it's created a network of further opportunities around how all the new data flying around is processed and automated. And Airtable is no stranger to how things have changed, and has opened up its ecosystem to make things even easier for its no-code-hungry user base.

That user base of 250,000 organisations benefits from an infrastructure that supports a fantastic app ecosystem. But Airtable isn't just about integrating with apps. It's about becoming a software builder, and using tons of apps to make the process of running your business much easier. And then, of course, automating everything!

I’ll leave you with this great example that our CPO, Tommi Holmgren, put together as a use case for Aito and Airtable. As with any spreadsheet/database application, you have to include as much data as you can to ensure you get the results you want. And because Airtable is no-code, this is easily achieved so that you can output all sorts of useful results. Yet, workflow management tools are only as good as the data you put in, and what if some of that data is missing? In Tommi’s example below, the Aito Assistant can predict what data an empty cell should contain, simply by pointing at it! Here labelling Delta tweets using Aito and Airtable.

This is the sort of logic that will help empower customised workflows for all sorts of use cases. We are so excited to share more news with you about what we’re working on, so watch this space. For now, go check out Airtable for yourself if you haven’t already done so.

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New integration! Aito Instant Predictions app is now available from Airtable Marketplace.


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