High speed lead qualification

Qualifying incoming leads directly from Slack? Intwixt Dealflow makes it possible with Aito.

Intwixt helps businesses become faster, more efficient and transparent through intelligent process automation.

Intwixt CAP (Conversational Automation Platform) turns team communication apps (Slack, etc.) into business process engines. Based on research from HBR and MIT, Intwixt DealFlow empowers companies to do real-time lead qualification and assignment while not leaving their favorite communication environment.

Aito facilitates the assignment process to match a sales rep to an incoming lead. The engine assists the sales manager to make faster decisions and shortens the time to contact a lead, which is critical for sales. The ML model used in DealFlow is customizable, so it can be extended with customer’s own proprietary information when requested.

"I was able to integrate Aito to the Intwixt platform in just 30 minutes, amazing!" - Sabin Ielceanu, Co-Founder of Intwixt Inc.

If you want to learn more about this use case, read our related blog post.

lead qualification result

Do it with Aito

Aito is a predictive database that works through a REST API.

The Aito workflow constitutes from 2 steps:

  1. Upload data
  2. Make queries

In this example case we have already uploaded the data into Aito and only go through what kind of data we have and what kind of example queries you could do using the data.

The Aito console can be used to drag'n'drop CSV files to Aito.

This is an example implementation and the real implementation can differ from the example.

  1. Data
  • Company information
  • Who was assigned for the lead
  • Did the lead end up as a paying customer (was the case won)
  1. Usage examples

When your data is in Aito Predictive Database, you are ready to make predictions. Here are a few example queries of what you can do.

  1. Try this case study

You can send the queries using cURL or your favorite REST client and change the values to make different predictions.

You can try this case study yourself by following these steps:

  1. Copy one of the queries as cURL

  2. Modify the query as you like

  3. Send the query and witness the magic

  4. Try Aito with your data

Request your instance in the Aito console and drag'n'drop your CSV file on the instance page. Then you're all set to make your predictions!

We're happy to help you in all things Aito related!

Contact us in Slack or send an email to hello@aito.ai.

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